Clay Pigeons

In clay pigeon shooting, the targets used often vary depending on the style of the sport being practiced. If you are unaware of the numerous styles of clay pigeon shooting or need a quick refresher, click here to see my recent article outlining the major disciplines. Although they are always made from clay, the type […]

Clay Pigeon Shooting

A brief answer to “What is clay pigeon shooting?”: Clay pigeon shooting is the skill of shooting moving targets flung into the air. The targets are typically clay discs, often known as clay pigeons. The discs break apart into several small fragments in the air when hit. Some special types of discs flash or release colored powder when […]

Best Card Tricks

The Best Visual Cardistry Tricks: I remember wanting to start learning card tricks to impress some friends. It started out as a simple hobby, originally just 3 or 4 easy magic tricks. But this hobby quickly became a passionate skill. Rapidly transitioning to cardistry instead of magic (read up on the main differences here), I became fixated […]

Cardistry Decks

What makes good cardistry decks so special? Cardistry decks contain many unique qualities, allowing them to be optimized for cardistry. I remember starting cardistry a few years ago. Using a generic MoneyGram deck I had obtained for free from a promotional stand outside a local grocery store, I started by learning the basic grips. Then, I […]

Basic Cardistry Grips

Now that you’ve selected your beginner cardistry deck, you can begin your cardistry journey by learning basic cardistry grips. Beginning Your Cardistry Journey Before you begin learning advanced two-handed cuts and fancy fans and flourishes, you’re going to need to know how to handle your cards. To begin, there are some basic cardistry grips involved. Once […]

What Is Cardistry?

Before jumping into the deep end of the pool with basic cardistry grips and the best cardistry tricks, it’s probably a good idea to introduce the skill itself. Cardistry is the artistic manipulation of playing cards… and it takes a lot of dedication and practice! Before we get deeper into the essence of what cardistry is, I just want to […]